Google May 2020 core update Rollout

google core update

On May 4th, Google rolled out its core algorithm Update for improving the ultimate user experience which is completely based on content. Some termed it as ‘Pandemic Update’ as it comes during the Covid-19 pandemic and businesses are already declining, while some termed it as ‘Force Update’ as it comes on ‘International Star wars day’. 


Google keeps improving their algorithm from time to time for a better experience, but this update is called Google core update, which means it is a huge change in algorithm and will impact a lot of sites worldwide. It is said that it is an advanced version of the January-2020 update. There is a lot of volatility seen in online traffic after rolling out its update and fluctuation in SERPs. Many Sites and Bloggers around the webosphere are already complaining due to sudden loss of traffic as people claimed that they lost 90% of organic traffic, while others are getting benefit from it. Some of search data companies shared data related to update like:-


  • SEMRush: As per SEMRush, the May update is a relatively bigger update compared to other core updates as the SEMrush sensor tracking tool showed a score of 9.4, whereas it scored closer to 8 on the January update. According to their data, It is seen that travel, real estate, health, pets & animals, and people & society are mostly impacted industries.
  • Rankranger: As data are shown by Rankranger, May update shuffled more google results as compared to January update. 
  • Moz: Moz uses Mozcast tool which tracks updates by temperature which showed a sudden increase of heat on 4th May and 5th May that is 103 degrees and 112 degrees respectively.


The Key Highlights of this update is:-

  • This update promotes the work of people who keep on updating their content regularly and promote freshness of content but are not able to get ranked on search results.
  • Well researched and value-added content will benefit from this update.
  • More weightage is given to heading, sub-heading, and description relevancy as it will benefit the ranking of sites.
  • Contents displayed well on mobile devices to get advantages through this update.
  • Contents that are avoiding spelling and grammatical mistake, will get better rank
  • Ranks of content having excessive ads will get dropped
  • Pages having facilities like a bookmark, share with friends, or recommend options, will get promoted


Now, the question arises what to do if your websites got negatively impacted by the update? Google said that sites are ranking on the basis of relevancy, it doesn’t have a relation with bad content and has advised the users that instead of changing your content, keep uploading relevant content. Here, all you can do is follow the guidelines given by Google, update your content frequently, and fix your thin content and SEO errors.


Even after fixing the things discussed above, it is not guaranteed that you will be impacted by algorithm updates or not. But, fixing these issues, will provide a better user experience which should be your ultimate goal. Google updates will keep coming in the future. As it’s the ultimate goal is to provide a better experience and relevant content to the users. For More Information related to Google Updates feel free to contact Best SEO Expert in India.