Top 10 Step for Perfectly Optimized Blog Posts

Let’s see in more details what do we mean by good SEO for blog posts and the 10 step formula to follow to achieve the same good results over and over again.

STEP 1: Think about SEO before you start writing a new blog post
One of the most common reasons many bloggers fail and don’t get the expected results from their blogging efforts, is because they consider SEO after they finish writing their blogs and not before.

STEP 2: Define the goal of your blog post
Each and every piece of content that you publish on your website, should have a clear goal.

STEP 3: Keyword research (A Step by Step Example)
Now that you have set the goal of your post and know how to evaluate its performance, it’s time to get your hands dirty and do your keyword research.

Keyword research will help you:

Find out which keywords to target
Come up with a good post title
Optimize your post (on-page SEO)
Understand user intent
Create SEO friendly content

STEP 4: Understanding user intent
The next step is to start thinking about the actual content of your post i.e. what to write about.

STEP 5: How long to make your blog posts and what type of content to provide
The best and most effective way to find out what type of content satisfies the user intent and how long to make your blog posts, is to search for your keywords in Google.

STEP 6: Create your post’s content
The above steps shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete. Once you follow this procedure a number of times, it becomes very easy to implement.

STEP 7: Optimize your blog post
Even if you are an experienced blogger and have written SEO friendly posts in the past, it’s always good to revise your work before you hit the publish button.

STEP 8: Promote your blog post
After long hours of exhausting work, you have finally managed to hit the publish button!

Well done but this is not the end of the story. It’s now time to start thinking about how to promote your blog post.

Even if the goal of your post was to get in touch with your subscribers or customers, it’s always a good practice to try and push your post. By push, I mean to get it in front of the eyes of as many people as possible.

STEP 9: Measure and evaluate the results
In Step 2, besides setting the post goal, we also decided how to measure the performance and evaluate the success or not of the new blog.


STEP 10: Rinse and Repeat
Consistency in publishing good quality content for a long period of time, is what will get you results. It’s a lot of work but don’t forget that once you master this technique, traffic will flow in 24/7 and achieving your blog post goals will be easier.

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