Organization Behaviors Structure With Honesty

Organization behavior is a very interesting task which helpful for company Grow.Company hierarchies facilitate interaction with one another, as respect, courtesy and “adaptability” are promoted.
If those structures exist, everything works like a well-functioning movement, in which each individual assumes the role of a specific gear – regardless of whether steep or flat hierarchical systems prevail.
Each element of this movement is dependent on another. Everybody tries to work in the same bar, in order to always display the correct “time” correctly.
Problems occur with the slightly smaller gears, which is why the displayed time something “goes”.
Any attempts to make up for time are wasted time in the long run.
The immutability of the gait makes the common mode more difficult.
However, the attempt to readjust the hands always, the replacement of individual gears or the possibility for readjustment does not change the pace, so soon problems again.
The hierarchical structure, indispensable as it is, has one major drawback: it often prevents honesty from the bottom up.
Many employees do not consider themselves in the position of criticism because of the employment relationship.
Exchange of experience and adherence to guidelines play an immense role in all professional areas. Learn from mistakes in order to exclude them as much as possible.
In aviation, it was due to the wrong handling of the ranking to serious aircraft accidents (possibly this is one reason why a translation of cockpit, cockfighting place is).
The strict division of roles between the captain and the first officer prevented open and unrestricted communication. Co-Pilots often did not dare return to better knowledge to correct or even address a wrong decision of the captain. The consequences were devastating. 
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