Beat Search Engines With Their Own Weapons-SEO

The term “organic traffic” has been around for a long time, as has the term “user intent”. Both of these are just what we repeat at King Content anyway: Google bot can distinguish people from machines. In general, the rumor mill imputes an immense amount of fantastic abilities to Google bot:

– He understands the structure of the content of a web page

– He recognizes high-quality content as well as useful content and is able to distinguish one from the other

– He has an eye for the structure and the way in which bullets, paragraphs, and subheadings improve readability

– He knows the quality of the external pages to which a text refers

– He examines texts by spelling and grammar and entwines them accordingly

– He distinguishes youth language from scientific explanations and checks whether the language level fits the target group

– He is in the Able to identify relevant terms, and using Latent Semantic Indexing to recognize the meaning of a word

– He can organize a page by topic and thus better understand the content

– He recognizes whether a page is popular on social media – but not on the number of Likes and he also recognizes whether a term is a brand (fire)

– The Googlebot analyzes which links have been created organically and which have been constructed artificially and it identifies who (which person) owns a domain and also renders its other pages better or worse

And the list of uncanny skills is getting longer every day, about 500x a year …

But this always makes it clear that there is only one way to beat the search algorithms: the unconditional surrender. In other words, give the people what the people want – good, informative and entertaining content. Then the people stay on the page, then the page becomes interesting for Google, then it comes up in the results, then it is frequented more frequently, and then the circle starts from the beginning.

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