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What is SEO, explain briefly about SEO?
What is Google Webmasters Tools, Why do you use it?
How to generate site links in the SERP?
What is the Algorithm Update, What is the best source to know updates?
How many times does Google release the algorithms and updates visible to users?
On page Optimization Questions
Link Building (Offpage) Optimization
We are currently planning for our individual focus keywords, individual landing pages tailored to them.
In order to make the content of these landing pages as detailed as possible, we would like to publish further information and current news on the landing page.
Now the questions:
1. Additional content on the landing page, we would like to view/open in individual pop-ups, after clicking on it. Those are behind it, that the customer receives further Inos, without leaving the side and by the Pop-Ups, the side does not seem so “full”.
Will the content from the pop-ups also be perceived by Google?
2. We also want to publish the content from the pop-ups on other pages of the website, here without a pop-up. Is there a possibility that this is perceived positively by Google or to be considered as duplicate content?
The only way we know is to rewrite the content!?
3. On the LP we also want to publish current topic news (also in the pop-up). However, this news should appear in parallel in the blog. If possible on both sides, the content should be positively perceived by Google.
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